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Mehandika Specialized in Rajasthani Mehandi

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Mehandika specialized in Rajasthani Mehandi , Bombay Style, Jaipuri Style, and all other styles for marriages or any other function. He prides himself in producing contemporary, creative and henna designs.

Our past experience of 20 years made our work very professional and attractive styles. Our team is very much specialized in varieties of mehandi style for your entire special needs ie marriage, karwachauth, any religious functions or parties.

Mehandika is a highly skilled team of mehendi artists dedicated to making your wedding or event a day to remember forever. Our talent with a Mehndi cone was always obvious from our past experience and for last 20 Years.

Our work has been in demand not only in the India but across the world and his work has been published by our very faithful customers all over delhi.



Wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo to remove oilness from hair.

Now prepare the paste of hair Mehandi in water and apply this paste on hair and hair roots.

After applying paste leave it for at least 1 hour. Then wash property with water.

To make your hair grow and shine, Do apply once a week.

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The dreams of her eyes reflected on the palm's shades...

The love of the beloved was the blush on her face...

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About Mehandika !
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In India, it is used at celebrations like weddings and other special occasions which are traditionally associated with transcendence and transformation. It is used for worship and work but not for the sake of vanity.

It is traditional for the bride to get together with her friends and have them spend hours applying the henna to her skin and give her marriage advice in tandem.

The patterns used for weddings are much more intricate and time consuming (than the everyday wear) and therefore the brides friends have lots of time to give her advice on erotic activities for her wedding night, sexual pointers and tips during the hours that it can take to complete the design. The brides henna must be more beautiful and intricate than anyone elses of course since it is, after all, her special day.

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